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AJ Supplies is committed to sustainability and we’ve recently rolled out an initiative that will encourage the reuse of plastic bottles. 

 We know that the majority of our customers subscribe to the same commitment of reducing our impact on the environment and the early feedback has been encouraging. 


Cleaning fluids are made up of concentrated chemical and water. Obviously these are contained in plastic bottles, usually 750ml trigger sprays, 1 litre and 5 litre bottles. In Layman’s terms, our objective is to reduce the amount of plastic and water that is transported around the country.


At AJ Supplies depot here in Bridport, we have 1,000 litre containers for the five most popular housekeeping chemicals. When customers return their bottles to us (they give them to our delivery drivers), they go into a recycling process;


  • Wash out
  • Relabel (if required)
  • Refill
  • Mark batch number
  • Deliver


To achieve the full cycle whilst making it cost effective for AJ Supplies, the manufacturer and our customers, the process needs to be tried, tested and tweak accordingly.


Although we’re in the early stages, we’re enthused by the reduction in orders we’ve needed to place with the factory.


We hope to have an accurate set of figures on environmental impact after this quarter.


To join the revolution, just give us a call and we’ll set you up.

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