Introducing Electrostatic Cleaning

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Electrostatics is not an invention, it is a natural condition.

Electrostatics is the process of adding an electrical charge to the liquid droplets when they are sprayed. This makes the droplet electrically stronger than the surface or the item you are treating. Just like magnets, they are drawn to each other and attach when one surface is more positively charged than the other.

This is important because the liquid agents you choose work best when they are given an opportunity to electrically attach to a surface. Treating three dimensional surfaces effectively is generally not possible without leveraging a liquid adhesion technology like electrostatics.

We expertly leverage this electrical phenomenon and we have patented a system for broader and safer use. Spray any water soluble liquid at a surface and the droplets seek out the target magnetically, while adhering for better liquid agent performance than ever before.

The unique technology enables the electrical charge to be applied inside the droplet instead of attaching it to the outside of the droplet like many other electrostatic sprayers do. This enables the droplets to keep their charge for longer and ensures that you get the full effect of the electrostatic technology.

The science of electrostatics is only one element of better surface management. A great system takes into consideration where these liquids are going to be used and who is applying them, and must be combined with their best efforts to achieve better results than current methods or tools.

In simple terms when you spray a solution that is properly charged with electrostatics the solution will envelop the targeted object.

What next?

Check out the two Electrostatic Sprayers currently available;

1. VP300ES 14.4v Back Pack Electrostatic Sprayer

2. VP200ES 14.4v Hand Held Electrostatic Sprayer

The Eco Static Touch less VP200ES Handheld & VP300ES Backpack Electrostatic Sprayers, will ensure that after all cleaning you are using our portable electrostatic sprayer and a solution that will deliver the correct dwell time for the solution to work and more importantly using our electrostatic sprayers it is touch less so there is;

  • NO cross contamination 
  • Once dry it leaves NO residue for bacteria to multiply

The touch-free system will get to the areas where pathogens grow because of the wrap affect and the ability to get into hidden, shadowed and small crevices, no matter where you are cleaning.

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