Delphis Eco Daily Use Toilet Cleaner 750ml

  • £3.50

  • Delphis Eco Daily Use Toilet Cleaner 750ml

EU Ecolabel accredited toilet cleaner is designed for a daily cleaning regime to inhibit limescale, rust and stains where germs and bacteria breed.

It can also be used to clean and deodorize all washroom surfaces such as floors, walls and showers.

It’s safe on chrome, porcelain, enamel and stainless steel

readily biodegradable

✓  fast acting

✓  viscous clinging formula

✓  citrus fragrance

✓  no aggressive mineral acids

✓  reduced impact on aquatic life

✓  reduced use of hazardous substances

✓  phosphate and phosphonate free

✓  safe in septic tanks if used as directed

✓  readily biodegradable

✓  not tested on animals

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