Lemon Fragrent Vitreous Enamel

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  • Lemon Fragrent Vitreous Enamel

Vitreous Enamel Association tested and approved

Superfine chalks reduce risk of scratching

Apply lightly onto surface to be cleaned

Buff to a shine with a clean cloth

May be applied onto a cloth if desired

Do not over apply

Size 500ml
Specification single unit
This is the old classic. In the cupboard at home you'll know it as Jif (or Cif now isn't it?) and lots of our cleaners still like using it.

It's particularly popular at Oxford colleges where their cleaning team have been loyal to the job for many years and prefer traditional products and methods.

It does the job but can create more work for yourself in getting read of the white streaks. Personally, I'd upgrade to the hero product alternative; T048 - Stormforce

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