Cleenol X2 Evolution Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser EV2

  • £9.95

  • A highly effective cleaner and degreaser for use where heavy soiling and grease are evident 
  • This heavy duty kitchen degreaser can be used on canopy hoods, canopy filters, fat fryers (external), cookers, stainless steel fittings and walls
  • Kills 99.9% of germs within 30 seconds (conforms to BS EN 1276)
  • A multipurpose biodegradable cleaner with excellent grease and oil removing properties.
  • Unperfumed so can be used in food production areas as it will not taint food, i.e. food safe.
  • Cleans hard surfaces such as paintwork and plastic and will remove oily and tenacious soils in catering environments. 
  • Mildly alkaline, therefore safe for any surface 

The equivalent to more than 12 standard 750mlready to use trigger sprays.

  • Saving on plastic
  • No throw away trigger sprays 
  • Low carbon footprint    
  • Saves storage space 
  • eco-friendly 

    X2 Evolution Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser EV2
    EV2/X2 Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser - Product Guide
    Size Medium
    Specification 1x325ml


    Just Add Water


    It couldn’t get any easier with the X2 Spray System. 


    When you’ve loaded your chosen concentrate, take the empty water bottle to any tap and fill it up with cold water. 


    Load the water bottle into the trigger and you’re eady to go. 


    There’s no measuring, no mess, just easy cleaning.


    • Portable
    • Interchangeable products
    • No set up costs
    • Convenient size
    • No waste
    • Controlled costs
    • Environmentally sound
    • Saves storage space


    • No need for wall mounted dispensers
    • No need for professional installers
    • One 325ml cartridge produces the equivalent to more than12x750ml ready to use triggers
    • Same weight as a ready to use 750ml trigger
    • Always the correct dilution
    • Cannot be over-dosed
    • Just add water
    • Ergonomic design

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