ACT Original Cleaner & Descaler (5ltr)

  • £6.25

  • ACT Original Cleaner & Descaler (5ltr)

Viscous formula clings longer for more thorough action

Removes limescale and organic deposits

Cleans and descales washroom areas

Size 5 litre
Specification single unit
Unsung hero, this. Most of the time it's not fulfilling it's potential as a fantastic descaler on all surfaces. It's a very effective toilet cleaner, when applied properly, with a pleasant scent. However, use it on the base of your taps, plug hole or any other areas where water gathers and you've got a great value product. Lovers of the expensive Viakal have a fantastic alternative right here. Sulphamic acid is a better descaler than phosphoric and that's what makes it so much more effective than other toilet cleaners out there. This product is a fanatstic choice for using poolside or on wet area tiles. Forget the fact that it has 'toilet cleaner' on the label, it's perfectly suitable for descaling on most surfaces.

Apply evenly under the toilet rim
Give up to 15 minutes contact time before brushing and finally flushing the toilet

Dilute 1 part to 40 parts cold or hand hot water
Wash the surface with this solution
Rinse thoroughly with clean water

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