Motorscrubber STORM JET3

  • £1,025.00

  • Motorscrubber STORM JET3

Quickly sanitise common touch points, reducing risk of cross infection

•Spray disinfectant evenly to give you solid coverage • Easy to use system

• Easy to clean and maintain

• Hang neatly on the wall - GRAB & GO!

• Give customers peace of mind - seeing you be proactive in virus control

• Use EPA approved and registered disinfectants proven to kill Coronavirus

• Can be used safely during the day. No risk of setting off fire alarms, unlike Foggers

• Battery backpack system - No trailing cable, fully mobile

• 1hr 50 minutes continuous runtime

• Quick change battery if longer runtime required

1 litre quick change solution bottle

• No need to remove backpack to refiill, bottle change conveniently on your belt

• Lightweight backpack - 4.5kg

• Commercial grade high pressure pump: 8-10 bar

• Battery weight supported by your waist using comfortable belt • Belt holster to store Storm wand

• Multifunctional backpack, connect to your Storm Ballistic Virus Killer & also connect to your JET3 fl oor scrubber

• Proven reliability using existing MotorScrubber Backpack Technology

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