Environmentally friendly food packaging

I can remember when eating fish & chips outside was called getting a takeaway – newspaper, salt & vinegar. How times have changed. We moved on from Newspaper because it wasn’t safe, it stained your hands and lets be honest it looked pretty rubbish. The Next step We moved on to Polystyrene the material of […]


Let talk about toilets

We know quite a bit about toilets and washrooms. Over the course of the year I must visit hundreds – some great, some not so great and some terrible. Obviously I am bias but we think your toilet or washroom tells your customers a lot about your premises and your attitude to cleanliness. I can […]

SkyVac 27 Internal Kit

SkyVac 27

SkyVac 27 Hard to reach areas are quickly becoming a thing of the past. The SkyVac 27 provides a high class commercial vacuum cleaning in hard to reach internal cleaning areas. The SkyVac can reach up to 40ft high making it suitable for any internal hard to reach vacuuming job.     The powerful commercial […]